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Pro+Fil : the new dilution system for cleaning products


profil.jpgWood Wyant is proud to launch its new Pro+Fil dilution system for cleaning products. Thanks to its remarkable dilution precision, this easy-to-use system eliminates waste and reduces the cost of use of cleaning products. And because users no longer have to handle chemicals, it also improves user safety—thereby increasing efficiency and reducing the risks of accidents.

The Pro+Fil system comes in several models to meet the needs of our customers. There are 4 wall unit models to choose from: for diluting 8 products, 4 products, 2 products or 1 product. These ergonomic wall units are suitable for all uses and feature an intuitive mechanism that make them easy to use, even with minimal training. They are also quick to install and great for tight spaces.

A versatile satellite unit for more targeted use is also available. It quickly attaches to a bucket or can be used to fill an auto scrubber in another room.

Our Pro+Fil dilution systems are designed for our cleaning products in the 3 L format, such as our degreasers, disinfectants, floor cleaners, bathroom cleaners and all-purpose cleaners.