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Pro-AM Sani Marc Canada Cup


IMG_1514-(3).jpgCongratulations to all the foursomes who played in the Sani Marc Canada Cup PRO-AM this past July 29. A great time was had by all the employees, clients and pro golfers. Here are the results (some are "even" because their score cards were not handed in).

Congratulations to Martin R. Charbonneau's team on their -8.

Simon Beaudoin, Vice President of the Food & Beverage Division, proudly presents the Canada Cup that will be played this weekend. Be sure to follow the results on the PGA site.




Cadre-souvenir-Pro-Am1.jpg Cadre-souvenir-Pro-Am2-(1).jpg Cadre-souvenir-Pro-Am3.jpg Cadre-souvenir-Pro-Am4.jpg Cadre-souvenir-Pro-Am5.jpg Cadre-souvenir-Pro-Am6.jpg Cadre-souvenir-Pro-Am7.jpg Cadre-souvenir-Pro-Am8.jpg Cadre-souvenir-Pro-Am9.jpg Cadre-souvenir-Pro-Am10.jpg Cadre-souvenir-Pro-Am11.jpg Cadre-souvenir-Pro-Am12.jpg

Group Number Group Leader Teammates Company PRO
1 Pierre Goudreault Shawn Michel Junior Club Victoriaville Glen Mills - MB - PGA
Points: -2 Richard Vachon Sani Marc
2 Patrick Couture Benjamin Turgeon Junior Club Victoriaville Conor O'Shea - ON - PGA
Points: even Jacques Fauteux Sani Marc
3 Christiane Tremblay Mario Robidoux CH Anna-Laberge Maxime Barré - Lévis, QC
Points: -3 Olivier Day CH Anna-Laberge
4 Michel Roux Daniel Lachance Maintenance Trans-Québec Matthew Mah - AB - PGA
Points: -7 Claude Boucher Cégep Victo
5 Julie Tremblay Michel Fournier CH St-François, CHU QC Brian Hadley - ON - PGA
Points: -5 Serge Falcon Sani Marc Food & Beverage
6 Pierre-Luc Filion Aldo Cousillas Pisc. et Spa Laurentides Jean-Hubert Trahan - Laval-sur-le-Lac, QC
Points: -2 Sophie D'onofrio Pisc. et Spa Laurentides
7 Dwayne Highton Ghyslain Bourgeoys Yum Yum Chips Sylvie Schetagne - Pinegrove - PGA
Points: +3 Nathalie Jenkins Yum Yum Chips
8 Dany Éthier Christelle Maître Natrel Québec A.J. McKenzie - Royal Montreal
Points: even Marco St-Pierre Natrel Québec
9 Martin R. Charbonneau David Lussier Lassonde Greg Pool - BC - PGA
Points: -8 David Tessier Lassonde
10 Patrice Perreault France Thibodeau Club Piscine Tropicana Alain Trudeau - Vallé Richelieu, QC
Points: even François Labrecque Club Piscine Tropicana
11 Mathieu Jobin Réjean Marcouiller Club Piscine Launier Philippe Mongeau - Terrebonne, QC - PGA
Points: -2 Jacques Simard Club Piscine Launier
12 Gilles Ouellet, IT Christian Allard Operations, SM Kevin Senecal - Maître Tremblant, QC - PGA
Points: even Stéphane Martel Operations, SM