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Our B2B E-commerce Site Keeps Getting Better


Since launching our e-commerce site this past May 25, we have been hard at work to improve the user experience.

What's new and exciting:

Generate purchase reports

Now you can generate reports on purchases made via our e-commerce site in just a few clicks. You'll find this new feature in your profile under the “Reports” tab. These reports allow you to compare expenses for all of your locations for a specific period of time. 

3 types of reports to choose from:

1. Full report: See all orders placed by user and all products purchased by location.

2. Monthly comparison: Compare purchases of cleaning products for a specified time period.

3. Yearly comparison: Compare purchases for two different years .

Simply choose the report you want, and an Excel file will be generated. All generated reports are stored in the “Reports” section of your profile and can be consulted at any time.


See ALL orders placed

Now you can see all orders placed—whether by email, fax, phone or via our e-commerce website—by clicking on the “Order History” tab.

100% of your orders in one location

A single list for all orders, whether they were placed by mail, fax, phone or via the e-commerce site

Quick and easy to consult

All products ordered in the last 24 months