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New WHMIS 2015 Regulations for our Sani Marc Products


New regulations regarding the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS), based on the Globally Harmonized System (WHMIS 2015), will soon be adopted and implemented across the globe.
With Sani Marc being a product manufacturer, the end of our transition period set by the Canadian government is June 1, 2017.
The new regulations significantly change product labels and safety data sheets:
•        New classification of products
•        New pictograms
•        New hazard statements
Examples of changes:
1 – Labels






WHMIS 2015 labels now display new pictograms and are no longer surrounded by a hatched border, making it easy to clearly differentiate products between now and the end of the transition period.
2 - Safety data sheets (SDS)

am7171_SDS-(3).JPGSafety Data Sheets (SDS) are currently available on our website: When you receive a product with a WHMIS 2015 label, you can download the new sheet directly from our website.
To ensure a smooth transition, both the SDS and MSDS will be available on our website for up to 1 year after the transition period has ended – that is, until June 1, 2018. At that time, all Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) will be removed from our site.
WHMIS 2015 regulations no longer impose an expiry date for safety data sheets. Updates will instead be made whenever new regulatory requirements and/or relevant new scientific information is published.

It is important that you properly inform your staff of how WHMIS 2015 will be implemented by your business. We strongly suggest creating a WHMIS 2015 employee training program. The new regulations also stipulate that employers must have completed a training program for their employees by December 1, 2018.
Rest assured that we will do everything we can to ensure a smooth and easy transition.
For any questions regarding the new regulations, please contact our Customer Service at 1 800 361-7691.