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New on our e-commerce website


Since launching our e-commerce site this past May 25, we have been hard at work to improve the user experience for our customers.

We recently fine-tuned the search tool. Customers can now search for a product code by adding hyphens as well as the product’s format code.

Our product codes are broken down as follows: 

1 – family
2 – product code
3 – format 

For example, you can now search for products by entering the code in any of the following ways:





* For optimal results, do not add spaces in the product code

We followed your recommendations and have added product codes to the "favourites" and "frequently ordered products" sections. We have also fixed a few minor problems.

The “Cart to Approve” tool now displays all orders awaiting your approval for your various sub accounts. This gives you an overview of all recent orders made for your property and allows you to prioritize pending carts as you wish.



You can also add a purchase order number when approving a pending cart, and to see and/or edit a comment left by the person who placed the order.