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The Food & Beverage division launches Versagel



Last week, the Food & Beverage division launched a brand new gel degreaser for soft metals. This new product is in line with the division’s objective which is to complete the line of gel products offered to its customers. This line of products has an innovative approach which sets us apart in the marketplace.

Why use it?

Versagel easily removes oil, grease and lubricant residue. When dissolved in water, it forms a thixotropic gel that enables the product to better adhere to surfaces, increases the contact time and provides an optimum cleaning efficiency. The use of the VERSAGEL technology significantly reduces rinse water consumption. In the Food & Beverage industry, VERSAGEL easily removes grease residue from equipment and surfaces found in red meat, poultry and other food processing and preparation areas.

Versagel is offered in 3 sizes: 20 L, 205 L and 1,000 L. A detailed technical sheet is available on our eCommerce site: