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Grand Défi of Victoriaville


During the May 9th weekend, Victoriaville celebrated its annual "Welcome Spring" fitness event. And many of your colleagues were there! 

Seven employees participated in the 10 K Run: Catherine Boisvert, Mélanie Moreau, Jessie Harding, Alexandre Caron, Dominic Desrosiers, Patrick Couture and Mathieu Filteau. Eleven were in the 5 K run: Stéphane Laroche, Stéphanie Côté, André Côté, Alain Camiré, Alexandre Marcotte, Paul Baillargeon, Isabelle Deshaies, Pierre Goudreault, Camille Goudreault, Mathilde Chagnon and Audrey Lemay. Luce Tanguay participated in the 2 K run. All of the events took place in the streets of Victoriaville.  

There was also a fun Medley Relay race on Saturday. We had two teams participating. Team White consisted of Patrick Couture, Krystel Verreault, Audrey Lemay, Jessie Harding and Valérie Meunier. Team Black had Chantal Desmarais, Christina Jolin, Johanne Dubois, Andrée Giguère and Nancie Noël. Team white captured 4th place in the final.  

In addition to the races, a few brave souls participated in the bike tours held the following day. In the 15 K family ride were Catherine Boisvert, Kathleen Côté, Janis Fournier, Nathalie Lemay, Guylaine Paquette and Manon Proulx-Lemay. In the 40 K were Alain Camiré and Alexandre Marcotte. And in the challenging 80 K were Alexandre Caron, Patrick Couture and Mathieu Filteau.  

Thanks to everyone who participated in this great event!

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