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“Acts of Green” for Earth Day – April 22


Victoriaville : 

Some small actions taken for the planet on Earth Day at our Victoriaville branch: car-pooling – battery and electronic equipment recycling – training on recycling for children – composting – biking or walking to work– 100% “green” lunches, without disposable packaging – buying local products.

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Coquitlam :

We raised 100$ in Coquitlam and donated it to Earth Day. Which means 15 trees will be planted.  In Coquitlam we recently re-lamped the entire warehouse with T5 fluorescent lighting thereby moving us away from the old Metal Halide style of lighting. Coquitlam was the last facility out West with that old technology. We also discovered that we have the ability to expand our recycling content to include glass/metal and plastic bins (commercial size) and begin an organic waste program.

Winnipeg :

On Earth Day, the Winnipeg branch picked up litter around the office. We went out in two teams and the team that picked up the most litter got a ribbon and a trophy.

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Edmonton et Calgary :

We expanded our recycling program to add cardboard and other supported materials.


Small actions can have a big impact! We invite you to continue to do so!