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A sustainable granular solution for your floors – Carbo-Blast


The importance of nutrient removal in the form of nitrogen and phosphorous in industrial and municipal wastewater has increased significantly over the past decade. Traditional granular floor treatments contain urea and release nitrogen into the wastewater and must be treated to meet stringent effluent requirements imposed by legislation.  

Carbo-Blast is a combination of quaternary ammonium-based compound and peroxide that allow for a dual action by sanitizing and deodorizing floors. 

Carbo-Blast contributes to a sustainable granular floor program by being nonyl-phenol, nitrogen and phosphate free. Its particular formulation allows for a low dust and low odour application for users. The blue coloured granules will not be mistaken for a food ingredient. The granules stay in place and are not a slip hazard. When crushed, the slow dissolution decreases the quantity used and therefore lowers costs.  

Granular floor treatments are an additional barrier against unwanted microbial contamination. Carbo-Blast is in line with Sani Marc’s objective to provide unparalleled expertise and set of solutions that help increase food safety and product quality in food processing and preparation establishments.

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