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Sani Marc Group announces $3.8 million investment


Sani Marc Group is investing $3.8 million in the expansion and modernization of its headquarters in the P. A. Poirier Industrial Park in Victoriaville, Québec.  Sani Marc Group is the nation’s leading manufacturer and distributor of specialty cleaning and sanitation products for the Food & Beverage, Institutional, Industrial and Commercial markets, as well as for the Pool & Spa markets. The investment will add 10,000 sq.ft. to its current 18,000 sq.ft., and increase its administrative offices by 30%.
“This investment is essential for the Sani Marc Group,” says Pierre Goudreault, the Group’s president. “In 1997, we had 45 employees on our administrative staff; today, we have more than 85. When we decided to move the Wood Wyant headquarters to Victoriaville in 2012, it allowed us to create and transfer 22 jobs that were previously scattered across the country. Since that time, we have outgrown our offices.”
Since 1997, Sani Marc Group revenues have jumped from $25 million to $175 million. Its goal is to reach $200 million by 2014. This sustained and profitable growth has increased the Group’s human resources needs in several areas of activity. Through this investment, the Group intends pave the way for continued growth in the future.
“By creating a more attractive and enjoyable workplace that allows us to optimize our facilities and improve processes and tools for our employees, we will be in a stronger position to attract a qualified workforce and sustain this rapid growth,” Goudreault says.
Sani Marc Group has mandated several companies from Victoriaville and the surrounding region to handle the expansion and upgrade project, including Constructions Bois-Francs, Groupe Binette & Binette, GLH Design and the engineering service EXP. During the two phases of construction, which is expected to last eight months, 24 of the Group’s 214 employees in Victoriaville will be relocated. The company has a total workforce of 560 people.
Victoriaville mayor, Alain Rayes, says he is pleased with the investment. “In terms of economic growth and social involvement, Sani Marc Group is a true leader in its field. This expansion project is further proof of the economic vitality of our region, and I am thrilled to see this flagship of the Victoriaville economy consolidate its activities within our industrial park,” he says.
A brief history
Since its inception in 1969, Sani Marc Group has aggressively grown its service offering. The Group’s acquisition of Wood Wyant, a distributor of sanitation solutions in 2004, made it the national leader in its field of distribution. In 2013, the Group acquired two distributors of health and safety products and equipment, Manitoba-based Five-L and Alberta-based Total Cleaning Supplies.
Success built on partnerships
Sani Marc Group currently partners with several recognized universities, allowing it to lead the industry in innovation. The Group is also actively promotes community well-being, most notably by lending its name to the Sani Marc sports complex. The Group also support many regional events, including the three challenges in the Grand défi de Victoriaville, the Sani Marc Canada Cup, the Flavour Route, the Victoriaville Fine Cheese Festival, and the Fêtes Victoriennes, along with many other sporting, cultural and food & beverage activities throughout the year.