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The 42 is Open! | September 19, 2015


On September 19, we held an open house in Victoriaville so that employees and their families could get a closer look at our recently renovated head office. This project had three key objectives: To improve the well-being of employees, to facilitate synergy between our various teams, and to support the company’s growth.

The open house was also a great way to cap off more than 14 months of construction and an investment of approximately $4 million. Some 450 people visited our offices, laboratory, manufacturing plant and distribution centre. Employees from all departments also learned a bit more about the company they work for, along with its history and the roles of coworkers. Everyone’s sense of pride and belonging was clearly felt and shared throughout the day, which only added to the success of this major initiative.

We are sharing with you the information booklet that was handed during the open house. We also want to extend our most sincere thanks to the organizing committee and to the many volunteers who lent a helping hand. None of it would have been possible without them. We also want to thank all the visitors and their families for their interest and positive feedback. Allow me to quote President Pierre Goudreault who, at the end of day, said: “What an amazing day. I am so proud of our employees and of their high level of ownership. Everything was so well prepared. I am very proud to be part of this team. Hats off to everyone!” And since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are a few photos for you to enjoy.

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