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5 things I wish Facility Management Decision Makers would better understand

Matting – the best investment most facilities can make. It traps dirt at the door. A lot of dirt if you have the correct mat, the proper length at every entrance. Much easier and less costly to pick up dirt on a mat that to try to find it and remove it once it enters your building. The other day, someone used the analogy that matting is like using a shovel to remove dirt compared to tweezers. Still, most facilities don't invest enough in good, quality matting.

Francis Rouillier, a Model of Determination and Excellence

Sani Marc is pleased to support the dreams of golfer Francis Rouillier, a young athlete from the region with an exceptional track record, by becoming one of his major partners..
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Sani Marc Group announces $3.8 million investment

Sani Marc Group is investing $3.8 million in the expansion and modernization of its headquarters in the P. A. Poirier Industrial Park in Victoriaville, Québec. Sani Marc Group is the nation's leading manufacturer and distributor of specialty cleaning and sanitation products for the Food & Beverage, Institutional, Industrial and Commercial markets, as well as for the Pool & Spa markets. The investment will add 10,000 sq.ft. to its current 18,000 sq.ft., and increase its administrative offices by 30%.
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Sani Marc a Finalist in the 2014 Panthéon de la Performance

The 31st "Pantheon of Performance" held by the Chambre de commerce et d'industrie des Bois-Francs et de l'Érable (CCIBFE) will take place on Friday, May 9th at Victoriaville's Desjardins coliseum. This year's theme is "At the heart of your success." Sani Marc Group has been selected as a finalist in the category "manufacturing/distributing company of $10 million or more."
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