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Biofilms: tricky bugs to identify in a food plant

Cleaning and sanitizing regimes that incorporate steps to identify biofilms result in a cleaner, safer processing environment and a safer product that has a longer shelf-life. Understanding how biofilms form, as well as how to detect, control and remove them from the food contact surfaces in the production plant, are all critical to a successful sanitation program.


Sani Marc changes the life of four youths at Kdanse

Sani Marc is proud to renew its sponsorship for four local youths, allowing them to dance, be part of a group, boost their self-esteem and improve their physical condition while having a lot of fun. Our involvement with Kdanse will allow four youths from disadvantage backgrounds to achieve their full potential. 

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Francis Rouillier, a Model of Determination and Excellence

Sani Marc is pleased to support the dreams of golfer Francis Rouillier, a young athlete from the region with an exceptional track record, by becoming one of his major partners..
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Sani Marc Group announces $3.8 million investment

Sani Marc Group is investing $3.8 million in the expansion and modernization of its headquarters in the P. A. Poirier Industrial Park in Victoriaville, Qu├ębec. Sani Marc Group is the nation's leading manufacturer and distributor of specialty cleaning and sanitation products for the Food & Beverage, Institutional, Industrial and Commercial markets, as well as for the Pool & Spa markets. The investment will add 10,000 sq.ft. to its current 18,000 sq.ft., and increase its administrative offices by 30%.
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